Infrared Thermal Imaging, Energy Audit

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The decision on the investment often requires a detailed analysis of pluses and minuses of the project.

Predictions about rising energy prices, tightening of Technical Conditions for the construction, alternative renewable energy sources, new materials and technologies, opportunities for investment subsidies pose a number of opportunities to optimize energy costs.

The answer to the question of how “profitable” is a planned investment of thermo-modernization, lets take a final decision, make any adjustments to the proposed activity and estimate the payback period.

The extent and depth of the analysis and methodology will be adjusted individually to the needs and expectations of customers.

For interested customers we carry out dynamic, financial analysis of effectiveness of specific solutions and the whole investment. This enable to:

* compare the number of projects and select the most appropriate
* predict the size of  necessary funding and to determine its source
* assess the “benefits (savings) from individual projects
* find out the payback period of the investment

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