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Energy Audit and Thermomodernization

Energy Audit and Thermomodernization

Energy Audit is a study on the scope and parameters of the thermo-modernization project, indicating the optimal solution with the costs of this project and energy savings.

Within the scope of the energy audit there should be:

– a check of the condition of the existing building,

– an analysis to identify possible improvement works

– the choice of the optimal solution

– the report presenting results of work.

Energy audit is the foundation to apply for support in the form of thermo-modernization or repair premium or grants from other funding sources.

As a result of the energy audit there is an undergoing modernization that reduces demand for energy required for operating the building, such as insulation of walls and roofs, replacing windows and external doors, installation of thermostatic valves, the use of weather control, modernization of hot water installation, the use of mechanical ventilation, change the source or carrier of energy, including renewable energy sources (heat pumps, solar collectors, etc).

In addition, our company provides hydrothermal analysis according to the following requirements of Technical Conditions:

– on the inner surface of the opaque outer barrier may not be condensation that allow the development of mold,

– inside the external barrier may not be increasing in future years moisture due to condensation.
We will answer what you can do to reduce energy consumption and save money at the same time, we propose an optimal solution, we calculate the payback time and the value of non-refundable thermo-modernization premium.

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