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Infrared Thermal Imaging

Infrared Imaging (Thermography) , is a modern technique using the phenomenon of thermal radiation, also called infrared radiation, or just infrared. Any object with a temperature above absolute zero emits the proportional dose of radiation to its temperature. It allows to capture and preserve the image as a draw of the temperature decomposition in the form of so-called thermogram. Thermogram is an image of the object depicted in a color map of temperature distribution. Picture of the object is generated as a result of the emitted radiation by this object.

This non-invasive, non-destructive and contactless method allows the measurement of temperature, even on large surfaces of buildings in a real time. It saves time and resources for effective detection of all types of damage related to the escape of heat and moisture condensation.

The use of infrared cameras with high sensitivity and good resolution currently used gives very accurate results and practically impossible to overlook defects in the tested object.

We use the camera Flir b60 to detect:

  • technological defects of construction barriers, errors in the warming, broken insulations, air infiltration
  • location of leaks of and water heating
  • location of the course of building envelopes and heating water
  • location of moisture/mold building partitions
  • defective air-conditioning systems
  • other issues where the temperature distribution is important

Infrared Thermal Imaging is recommended to all interested parties:
– assessing the technical condition of existing buildings or its parts
– assessing the quality of work performed in new buildings and retrofit
– buying/selling real estate in order to document the condition of the building

We analyze thermal imaging findings, explain and advise (after any calculation of the actual demand for heat), what to do, so the savings accounts were evident.

Here is our indicative price list.

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