Infrared Thermal Imaging, Energy Audit

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The Price List

euroDue to the large variation of buildings, each order is subject of individual pricing. The information contained below should not be construed as an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, or “Law on the specific terms of consumer sales.” For detailed information please contact us.

All prices include the execution of documents in accordance with current laws and transfer them to the client in at least two copies in paper and electronic versions. In case of large or repetitive orders we use the preferred terms of cooperation discounts.


Ceny wykonania projektowanych charakterystyk energetycznych są około 10-20% niższe.

Sample, the minimum prices are given below:

Type of buildingNet Price Due Date
Dwellingsfrom 250,00 złup to 3 days
Single-family housesfrom 300,00 złup to 3 days
Multifamily residential buildingsfrom 800,00 złup to 10 days
Commercial premisesfrom 299,00 złup to 3 days
Public buildingsfrom 1100.00 złup to 14 days
Other buildingsto agreeto agree

* Prices do not include VAT

Prices of energy performance certificates and energy characteristics for building projects depends on:

– the nature and purpose of the building
– its size
– the type of heating, cooling and ventilation
– location
– the complexity of its construction and installation
– completeness of existing documentation. In the absence of documentation the price of the certificate must be increased by the cost of carrying inventory building.


Here are approximate prices for the implementation of energy audits:

Type of buildingNet Price
Single-family housesfrom 1000 zł
Multifamily buildings,
residence collective utilities
with a capacity of up to 7,500 m2
from 1900 zł
Multifamily buildings,
residence collective utilities
with a capacity of over 7500 m2
from 2900 zł
Other buildingsto be arranged

Prices do not include applicable VAT 23%.

The price of final energy audit is influenced by:

– capacity building
– its nature and purpose
– completeness of the existing technical documentation,
– building technical equipment,
– analyzed the scope of changes
– application of renewable energy sources,
– possibility to assess the effect of ecological modernization.


The indicative price list infrared thermal imaging:

Type of building Net Price
dwellingfrom 250 zł
Single-family buildingfrom 450 zł
multi-family building, industrial, office, public serviceto negotiate
Fault detection, spill sites, the reductions in the flow and location of:
underfloor heatingfrom 150 zł
central heatingfrom 150 zł
hot water installationfrom 150 zł

* The above prices do not include VAT 23%.

The price of infrared thermal imaging depends on such factors as:

– purpose of thermal imaging
– the complexity of the order,
– amount of time necessary to perform measurements,
– location and availability,
– others


Prices are determined individually, depending on the scope and depth of cost effectiveness analysis.