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Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Performance Certificate, also called an energy certificate or an energy passport is a document that assesses the energy rating of the building. It expresses the standard amount of energy required to meet the needs of heating, hot water, ventilation, air conditioning / cooling or lighting during the year for 1m2 of heated surface.

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* Certificate must be attached to the notice of completion of construction work or the application for permission to use.
* It’s required to be delivered to the buyer in case of transfer of ownership of a building or the sale of cooperative ownership right.
* It should be provided to the tenants of a building.

It’s required for each building being placed into use and for any building or property sold or rented, with the exception of buildings:

under the protection of monuments which are used as places of worship and religious activities,

intended for use in no more than 2 years,

non-residential for agricultural use,

industrial and household with energy demand of not more than 50 kWh/m2/year,

housing intended for use for no longer than 4 months per year,

free-standing with a usable area of ​​less than 50 m2.
The benefits of certification are: objective and reliable informations about the characteristics of a building’s energy. It allows to:

– determine the indicative annual operating cost of the building

– compare different buildings in terms of energy consumption and potential maintenance costs.

In addition, our company provides hydrothermal analysis according to the following requirements of Technical Conditions:

– on the inner surface of the opaque outer barrier may not be condensation that allow the development of mold,

– inside the external barrier may not be increasing in future years moisture due to condensation.

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